Zimbali Bookings and Rentals

Rent a self catering suite at Zimbali

Situated next to the Fairmont resort is the Exclusive Zimbali Suites. If you prefer to have your own suite and prepare your own meals then these suites are your answer. It can work out much cheaper to prepare your own meals and you get to set your own dietry requirements and not have to rely on others cooking especially if you have food allergies.

Some of the suites have an amazing sea view and sometimes you may even be able to see the dolphins. These Zimbali rentals are out first choice

The Zimbali Suites

Man you have to visit the Zimbali Suites !One of my favourite places in the world to visit. Absolutely love it there

Zimbali Booking & Rentals

Zimbali Bookings

Suits – https://exclusivezimbalirentals.co.za/suites/

Restaurants – https://exclusivezimbalirentals.co.za/restaurants/

Spa – https://exclusivezimbalirentals.co.za/fairmont-spa/

Golf – https://exclusivezimbalirentals.co.za/golf-course/

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